in my garden

April, 2004

  view from my back porch

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Cherry blossoms and

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more cherry blossoms

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lilacs that make my neighbor happy

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Rosemary, blooming as never before .


under the lilac bushes

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under the cherry tree

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and Damian picking the grape hyacinths

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May 2003


Bouquets of poppies at my front steps.


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Calla Lilies, brilliant cups to hold the sun.

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Devil's Poker's and Lamb's Ears



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and Damian growing...





june, 1999



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jeanne d'arc , gleaning in her father's field





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foxgloves under the cherry tree

  poppies2.jpg (62442 bytes)
poppies and foxgloves and little lamb's ears

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peonies!!! yea-a-a-a-!!!!


foxgloves.jpg (60548 bytes)
jupiter's beard, devil's poker, foxgloves,iris,
a smattering of memorial day poppies

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poppies in the sun

  calla1.jpg (51199 bytes)

calla lilies by the front porch

and late at night, the scent of honeysuckle
drifting into the kitchen window