The Adventures of Seymour
the african pygmy hedgehog


This is the unexplored territory of
Garden Land

  Our plucky hero, Seymour has come upon some native hedgehogs.

Seymour, a warm and friendly hedgehog, makes friends quickly with the natives.

  They explore the land together.

Settling down for the night, Seymour and his new friends chat about the days wonders.


It is morning. As they continue their exploration, Seymour and his friends come upon a National Geographic Magazine photographer who takes their picture.





More Adventures of Seymour

Our handsome friend relaxes amid a bed of ivy.


It is a bright summer's day as Semour strolls through the park.


He meets his friend, Rooibus, photographer and companion. As they walk, they chat about their many adventures.  
They happily decide to embark on a new adventure.  

Seymour and Rooibus travel to the mysterious land of IkiT!!!





The Land of IkiT

  Seymour lands on the shore of IkiT and is happily met by the natives of IkiT.  

The Head Honcha and the Keeper of Mysteries give Seymour the place of honor in the Seat of the Blue Pearl during the oipoi celebrating his arrival.

  Seymour is humbled by this honor, and watches the dancing.  
  A new friend, Kuypi, joins Seymour.

Uh-oh, too much oipoi.



The IkiT Head Honcha gave Seymour the Seat of the Blue Pearl as a memento of this visit.

It has become Seymour's favorite chair, which he uses as he prepares for the lecture circuit.