"But a handful of pine-seed will cover mountains with the green majesty of forest.
I too will set my face to the wind and throw my handful of seed on high"
Fiona Macleod 

As long as I can find books to scan "and throw. . .on high"  to the Web, 
this site will be a resource for people who are touched by the words of Fiona Macleod
and are interested in the literary criticism of William Sharp.
-- M. Dobratz


A Story
of the 35 year search for "By Sundown Shores" by Fiona Macleod and the discovery of other works by William Sharp

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The Collected Works of Fiona Macleod    (Vol. I - VII)
By Sundown Shores (share link)
From The Hills of Dream 
Three Legends of the Christ Child 
The Laughter of Peterkin 
The  Music of Fiona Macleod
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Illustrations by D. Y. Cameron


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Biography by Flavia Alaya

Celtic Culture Links
The Art of D. Y. Cameron

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Selected Writings of William Sharp  (Vol. I - V) 
 Fair Women in Painting and Poetry
"The Phantom Pirate"  , a poem by Wm. Sharp set to music
A Fellowe and His Wife ~ the letters of Count Odo van Jaromar  and Countess Ilse von Jaromar.
 Sospiri di Roma (1891)NEW2.GIF (111 bytes)

Lyra Celtica :
An Anthology of the Poetry of the Celt ,   
ed. E.A. Sharp

Scholarly Links to William Sharp Sites  

La Cittą Morta , by Gabrielle d'Annunzio                


In My Garden
A Winter GardenNEW2.GIF (111 bytes)
Pins & Needles 


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