HI!   I'm Damian!





















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Well, here it is, my first Halloween, October, 2002, and I can't think of what to be.









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I am a "Bean"in a bread box


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I Love my Red Hat

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Here is the entrance to the Den of the Doggies.

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But first, I must sift the sand to test for wind direction.

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I have teeth!!!


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That tasted good!





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      Bart Simpson?





When I was a little boy,
the summer, 2003,


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This summer, (2004), I was big enough to be an explorer.





This is the secret entrance.

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There, one more den explored!

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Oh, all right, a puppy.







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And I love to write with my chalk.

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I am about to enter the lair.

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What a big boy am I!!

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