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For ten or more years, I have spent my Saturday mornings watching the quilting shows on KBTC-TV, a PBS station in the Seattle area, where quilting magicians (Quilting from the Heartland) measure, Quilt in a DayŽ, cut and sew, while stressing accuracy and lining up seams to get perfect points. I continually despaired of ever creating a quilt or completing any type of crafty project. My color sense left much to be desired as well. But, a close friend was opening a restaurant in Bellingham, and I wanted to make her a "kitchen witch" to bless her undertaking. None of the little dolls could be found in the kitchen stores or gift boutiques I visited and I thought I would sew one up for her. Of course, I could not find a pattern suitable for the image I had in mind.

In the process of my search for a doll pattern, my name entered the lists of quilting and sewing catalogs too numerous to mention. In one of them, (Keepsake Quilting), was a design for a wall hanging of an angel in a stained glass window, using reverse applique. This looked like something I could do. Best of all, this type of applique would not require accuracy to the millimeter. The design was created by Cathy Robiscoe of Spectral Designs and her directions were clear and uncomplicated.

Lo and behold...this is what I made!

(Pretty good if I say so myself)
Gifted to a friend in 2001

Somewhere along the way, I decided that I, too, could draw an image to create a wall hanging. And after many years of watching the PBS painting and drawing shows on Sunday afternoon and scanning books on releasing one's creativity, I made the connection that drawing was creating spaces with lines, not making lines to describe objects. Also, with a stained glass window format., I did not have to worry about details.



EUREKA!!! I was able to design this:
Not too bad for a first attempt at drawing in a long time. The above was the basis for The Vineyard Witch . . . sent as a gift without a photo record of it having been made.

For 1997: The Holly King which graces Azthar's wall.


In 1998, a second Angel was made for a friend's Christmas gift, a second Kitchen Witch, titled En Provence, was made for a friend's retirement and a first attempt at Yule Light was made.

Yule Light II

a gift for a friend

  yule2.jpg (54094 bytes)

Solstice, 1999

Golden Angel of Christmas Morning, 2002

02angel.jpg (20468 bytes)


Advent's Herald

04angel2.jpg (11350 bytes)

Christmas, 2004



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