The Music of Fiona Macleod


The Immortal Hour

Three Songs of Fiona Macleod

Three Poems of Fiona Macleod


An Opera based upon
the play of the same title by Fiona Macleod.

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From: Chris Sedergreen <>
To: <>
Date: Sunday, January 26, 2003 5:33 PM
Subject: Words of appreciation and information

Dear Ms. Dobratz,

. . . My acquaintance with her/his poems began around 1960, when I was at boarding school on the island of Guernsey. The school's music teacher was connected with one (Robert) Norman Fulton, who was at that time the Director of Music for the West of England branch of the BBC. Born about the year Sharp died, he achieved some recognition as a composer. He wrote three pieces for our choir, of which I was a member, to be performed on the radio. They were written for four part choir under the collective title, "Three Songs of Fiona McLeod", and the set consisted of three musically well contrasted and balanced pieces: "The War Song of the Vikings"; "The Valley of Silence"; and "The Bells of Youth". . .
About ten years ago I wrote to my old school and was surprised and gratified to discover that there was still a copy of this music available in their library, which was sent to me. I have maintained my connection with choral singing throughout my life, and have had plans to showcase the pieces in one of the choirs to which I currently belong.
This is what brought me to look for additional information about the poet and composer. By chance, the person who led me to your site is a Scot.
I'm not sure why these pieces have stayed with me all these years;
except that there is unquestionnably something both rich and compelling in the poet's words. I had not found any other examples until I visited your site, and find that I am on the verge of discovering what a prolific and agreeable writer Sharp was. For this, once again, I thank you.
>Dr. Chris. Sedergreen. (B.C. Canada).

From: Chris Sedergreen <>
Date: Wednesday, January 29, 2003 12:14 PM
Subject: Re: Fw: Words of appreciation and information

Dear Ms. Dobratz,
. . . I thought you  might like to receive the music of the three poems of Fiona MacLeod  that was composed by (Robert) Norman Fulton nearly 50 years ago, and have attached them to this e-mail in PDF format. I'm not sure what the copyright status is on the music. Norman Fulton died in 1980. There is a brief mention of him at
as well as at
Kind regards,
Dr. Chris Sedergreen.

War Song of Vikings  *

Valley of Silence  *

The Bells of Youth















While preparing to rehearse this music I found several transcription errors in the editions that I had sent you. They include the following:

In the War Song of the Vikings in measure #8 of the tenor line, the last E (1/4 note) is flat, not natural;

In the Valley of Silence, measure 4 of the bass line the first note is a dotted 1/4 and should be F#, not C. In measure 9 the sopranos' second note is Bflat; while in the bass line it is G. In measure 12 of the bass line, the second (1/4) note is a G. In measure 25 of the tenor line, the second note of the triplet is E.




Works by Charles Tomlinson Griffes" ~    NW 273-2   includes Three Poems of Fiona Mcleod, Op. 11,  such as
The Lament of Ian,  the Proud  


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