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  The Visionary Writings of Fiona Macleod

Sites containing individual works of Fiona Macleod:    
Gaelic Poems 
Divine Forges  

Sites resourcing Fiona Macleod/William Sharp: 
Birth Customs



Thomas B. Mosher, publisher


Alexander Carmichael
Carmina Gadelica

The Victorian Web



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R.J. Stewart   (access Free Texts)
  The Immortal Hour (workshop)
The Immortal Hour (libretto)
Rutland Boughten's presentation at

Letters of William Sharp
      (search site-Wm. Sharp Letters, ed. Wm. F.  Halloran)

A Lecture on Pharais 
about Sospiri di Roma   
Scottish Writers on the Internet

SLAINTE biographical essay on Wm. Sharp

Fantasy Encyclopedia

Sites with individual works by Wm. Sharp:
   about Sonnets   
  some quotes in


Where to purchase Books:
  by Fiona Macleod:
The Sineater 
The Gyspy Christ


A Biography of William Sharp:
William Sharp "Fiona Macleod" 1850 - 1905, pub 1970 a biography by Flavia Alaya available using the following:

Used and Rare Books: or or or


Music to Scan by:   
"Lament"   - Carol 2325-2

Songs of the Six Celtic Nations -
LYRCO 7425                                            

Vox de Nube       -            STA A318
Highlander         -             BCCD 001

Music based on works by Fiona Macleod:
The Immortal Hour ~ Hyperion CDD22040
record holder for  the greatest number of consecutive performancesof an opera.

"Works by Charles Tomlinson Griffes"  ~      NW 273-2 includes Three Poems of Fiona Mcleod, Op. 11 such as
The Lament of Ian,  the Proud  

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